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Our Everyday:

Heirloom Cafe stands on a promise to our guests to provide tasty, healthful, & seasonal food that tells a story. It means we believe in tradition, “farm-to-table,” supporting local businesses, & being the best environmental stewards we can. It means we want to provide a welcoming dining experience & do what we can to make your day a little brighter.

Team Gratitude:

We believe in fostering a positive, encouraging, & team-empowering culture. When we say thank you to each other, it is genuine, and we hope this genuine gratitude permeates your all-sensory experience when we get to share our kitchen fixin's with you!

Guest Gratitude:

We believe in sharing a positive, community-oriented-and-supportive & complete all-sensory experience to all of our guests, neighbors, and friends! 


From your first brief glimpse of The Wex's featured artist's work -- to the warm greeting provided by our team, we hope to provide an enhanced all-sensory experience, featuring your choice of auditory stimulation (be it conversation with friends, tunes or podcasts, the din of the dining area...), and culminating in a most visually-appealing, aroma-infused, & tastebud-exploding gastronomic delight lovingly hand-crafted by our kitchen team, and creatively composed from the freshest, most locally & organically-sourced ingredients we can find! 

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