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Heirloom is more than just a name, it’s a promise with a purpose.


In the Summer of 2011, John and Kimberly Skaggs planted the seed that has flourished into Heirloom Cafe. The concept for Heirloom is to provide creative cafe food that has a recognizable home-style comfort, yet is current and healthful. Our purpose at Heirloom is to showcase seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients that are creatively prepared and served in a contemporary atmosphere.


The Heirloom concept is built on traditions, as well as organic relationships that nurture our community. Heirloom gets its name from our fondness for tradition and the desire to build upon personal & professional legacy. Our goal at Heirloom Cafe is to provide our customers with the finest-quality & affordable menu items, in a timely manner, with the underlying mission of supporting our local food systems. We also want to operate and grow at a profitable rate through sound economic decisions, while still providing a rewarding place for all of us to work.


The Skaggs’ set the standard for Heirloom’s Mission Statement:

It’s a promise to our guests that we stand behind our mission to provide tasty, healthful, & seasonal food that tells a story. It means we believe in tradition, “farm-to-table,” supporting local businesses, & being the best environmental stewards we can. It means we want to provide a welcoming dining experience & do what we can to make your day a little brighter.


Following nearly 10 years in-service to this mission, the Skaggs’ transferred ownership of Heirloom Cafe to Jeremy Fox, who continues to carry on the same purposeful promise & mission at Heirloom. A Columbus-native & local entrepreneur, Jeremy has maintained ownership of the cafe since 2019. His vision for Heirloom perfectly aligns with Heirloom’s original mission & continues to build upon the foundation created by the Skaggs.

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